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Breeze Prime

Introducing the Breeze Prime: a fusion of extended battery longevity, an array of captivating flavors, and intelligent design. Crafted with precision for the discerning vaper, the Breeze Prime leads the way in disposable vaping advancements, seamlessly merging efficiency with user-friendliness.

Exceptional Performance: With a 1500mAh battery, this vape packs in enhanced Lifetime over its popular Breeze Pro predecessor. Enjoy 10mL of e-juice in exciting new flavors, plus a LED battery indicator to keep track of your vaping sessions.

This formidable feature ensures a dependable vaping experience, whether you’re taking a brief pause or planning a weekend escapade, offering up to 6,000 puffs from a single device. This is triple the longevity of its predecessor, delivering exceptional value to all vape enthusiasts.

Consistent Enjoyment: Consistency is key for every vaper. With a reliable 5% NIC strength in the Breeze Prime, users can expect a consistently smooth and satisfying draw each time.

Breeze Life Smart Light Indicator: Keeping track of your vape’s battery status is now simpler than ever. The Breeze Prime is equipped with the intuitive Breeze Life Smart Light Indicator, a circle-bar display that serves as a visual representation of your device’s remaining battery life.

As you use the Breeze, these circles diminish in sync with the battery’s usage. With a full charge, all five circles glow brightly. As the battery diminishes, the circles progressively extinguish, providing a straightforward, quick assessment of the remaining power and flavor.

Breeze Prime Features:

– 1500mAh Battery
– 10ml of E-juice
– LED Battery Indicator
– ~6000 Puffs
– New Flavors

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